1st Hook Group History for the 21st Century

2004 Amalgamation of Surbiton and Kingston & Malden Districts is accomplished under the leadership of District Commissioner Bob Bushell. Colin Stevenson takes on the role of Group Treasurer from Bob. Chris Mould moves from Scout Leader to Assistant Group Scout Leader and Andy Edwards returns to the group as Scout Leader with Roy Watts as ASL. Two minibuses have been acquired to provide the group transport for the foreseeable future. The group is saddened by the death of Phil Menhennet, Life President of the group. Former GSL, Tony Edwards, accepts the invitation to become the new Life President.

2003 Group 80th Anniversary celebrated with a Dinner/Dance at the Hilton Hotel, Cobham. Awards this year include the Chief Scouts Commendation presented to Maureen Smith and Fred Thompson; Medal of Merit to Group Chairman Peter Menhennett and Bar to Medal of Merit to Stuart Thompson. Decision taken to permanently dispose of group coach due to increased maintenance and running costs. Old style Scout uniform finally phased out in Dec 2003. The Group newsletter, the Green Scarf, is published and distributed electronically by Kevin Barden, as Fred & Betty Thompson step down after many years of production. The group website, initially set up and run by Graham Tucker, is also taken over and relaunched by Kevin Barden. Plans announced to amalgamate Surbiton and Kingston & Malden Scout Districts into one district in late 2004. Bob Bushell is confirmed as the DC of the new district.

2002 The new training programme and changes to sections go ahead, with the introduction of Explorer Scouts for 14-18 year olds. The Scout Network for 18-25 year olds is also established. Plans are made to introduce a Young Fellowship at 1st Hook to help retain young adults within the group structure. Chris Mould takes on the role of Assistant Group Scout Leader (AGSL) as well as remaining Scout Leader and Transport Manager. Plans for Project 2003 to Rumania are put on hold. Awards of the Medal of Merit go to Sue Barden, Shirley Edwards & Jed Gardiner; Chief Scouts Commendation to Ian Johnston, Janet Johnston & Jane Walker. The tragic death of David Carrick, former cub, scout, senior scout, scout leader, quartermaster and trustee, in a motorcycle accident, shocks the group. Barbara Thompson, Harry Chatfield, Wilf Sayer, Bill Thompson and Rev Frank Giles sadly pass away.

2001 Gradual transition to the new uniform and training programme begins. The band retain the title of National Champions at National Scout Marching Band Championships. Venture Scouts Christine Budhan & Lucy Barden take part in the GLSW Expedition to the Seychelles. Kay Emmerson is selected to take part in the World Jamboree in Thailand 2002 and Lucy Barden joins the Jamboree leadership team. Plans are made for Project 2003 - a group expedition to Rumania to support scouting in a part of the world lacking resources. The group is saddened by the premature death of David Howells and the passing away of Alan Jones, Margaret Blythe, Bunny Gravett and Ivy Goodale.

2000 The Scout Association Programme Review Implementation introducing new uniforms and changes to section is announced, to be effective by 2002. District Millennium Camp at Polyapes takes place in May. 1st Hook Band take part in the Lord Mayor's Show and also become Borough Champions at the Kingston Youth Band Competition. David Sadler stands down as Venture Scout leader and is replaced by Justin Spanner. Harold Oakey, former Group Scout Master and Group Life President, dies, aged 92. Phil Menhennett takes on the office of Group Life President. A Long Service Award is presented to Anne Rogers (15 years); Chief Scouts Commendation to Carole Goble and Brian Townsend; Medal of Merit to Chris Mould and Neil McLean; Silver Wolf to Tony Edwards.

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