Where are we located?

1st Hook Scout HQ,
Verona Drive,
Surrey, KT6 7SU

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  • 1st Hook is part of Royal Kingston Scout District. This, in turn, is part of Greater London South West (GLSW) extending from Richmond to Croydon, with around 12,000 members.
  •   1st Hook Scout Group was founded in 1923.
  •   The group meets at its HQ in Verona Drive, Surbiton. It has been a mixed group since the charter in 1991 allowed girls to join the movement. There are 3 Beaver colonies, 2 Cub packs and the Scout Troop. We currently have around 180 members. Follow the Sections link to find out more.
  •   The group is very proud of its Band, which has had many successes in competitions over a number of years. Follow the Sections link to find out more.