1st Hook offers something for everyone to get involved in - not just the young people!

Parents, friends and supporters are encouraged to get involved in the life of the Group and enjoy some of the many and varied events, such as Quiz Nights, Comedy Nights, The Hook Beer Fest, and many more.

The Group Executive Committee is responsible for the control of expenditure and management of Group assets and resources. Chaired by the Group Chair, it is made up of Group Officers, Section Leaders and individuals, including parents, elected at the Group AGM

The 100 Club is another source of fund-raising. New participants are welcome on a yearly subscription which is renewed every February. Contact us for more details via via this link
All Group leaders and supporters are volunteers, giving up spare time to help in any way they can. No-one gets paid for anything they do. Consequently the group is always looking for additional help and involvement - no matter how little it may seem.

If you would like to help in any way, either as a leader, helper or any support, contact any leader or member of the Executive Committee, or e-mail us here.

Whatever your skills or knowledge, there will always be something you can do to help. The HQ needs regular cleaning and maintenance, and there are always jobs that need doing.

This website is built and maintained by volunteer group supporters. Any items of interest, photographs, etc. you wish to contribute, can be added and shared with our visitors, worldwide. This site forms part of the group's history and provides valuable communication links, both internal and external.
E-mail us your contributions.
HQ Cleaning & Maintenance


Takes place regularly to keep the HQ in tiptop condition. Everyone who uses the HQ is expected to contribute towards the upkeep. Please keep the building clean and tidy for everyone.