Activity Wear

Activity Wear

To provide all possible options of garments for our scouts we have chosen to use Uniform Easy. This is an online service that can be found via the links below. There are two options for purchasing but for ease and convenience to you as a parent we would suggest using Home delivery however both options are explained.

Home Delivery

This option allows you to order 1 item at a time and have it delivered to your home at a small cost, the cost of such decreases with the quantity ordered and for 10 or more items this will be free of charge. Why not group together with friends to place a bulk order?

Click and Collect

Click and Collect through Uniform easy is at no cost but will only be processed once we have 10 or more orders. This can be few and far between and therefore is out of our control. We would advise the use of Home delivery for convenience and speed.

Activity shirts for the group are green, Shirts for the band are blue and we have now added non section activity wear including Hoodies and Sweatshirts.

Uniform Easy - 1st Hook

For any problems or queries on our activity wear please email:

Please note we may have the odd t-shirt, and so where possible we will provide details below but please use the email above for any queries of 2nd hand / spare stock

Second hand uniform.xlsx